Submitted Testimonials                                        
From our domestic customers:

Name: Francisco Ochoa-Garcia

Location: Los Angeles

Testimonial: I received some puzzles from e3cubestore and I must say I am extremely content with everything. It took literally 1 day for my puzzles to arrive which is beyond astonishment. The puzzles themselves are high quality. The service is also one thing that makes this store stand out. Evan Jennings truly cares about the satisfaction of his customers and succeeds in fulfilling their needs. This store needs more recognition. I know e3cubes has the potential to really be great. I suggest this store to everyone.


Name: Darren Soria

Location: United States

Testimonial: I have First Heard of E3Cubestore from watching a video of an AYI 4xx4x5 unboxing. it came from E3Cubes and I have since decided to look at the store, wanting to buy a couple things from there. the first order I remember placing for E3Cubestore was for an X-Cube 4, which easily became my main for some time and paved the way for many of my favourite 4x4s along with a Dino Cube, The service they provided was the best at the time (nearly 3 years ago) and I loved how they had the cheapest price for an X-Cube 4, 40 bucks, keep in mind these things sold for at least 48 dollars elsewhere, sometimes up to 50. by far they had a good selection of items, amazing customer service, and incredible shipping time. Evan is really good at dealing with customers when sometime does not turn out as expected. Ordering from E3Cubes was an amazing experience. There was a time when E3Cubestore had purchased a company called Silicube and started using it as their promoted lubricant. I, for once was one to use Silicube. I preferred Rush, as opposed to Control. Over time I didn't really need to get anything so I stopped buisness for some time. in the past months looking at E3Cubestore. I can honestly say that now their product selection isn't up to par and its more or less hard to look for items. It was easier 3 years ago. If Evan could keep up with the New arrivals coming in that other cubing stores I have seen take part of, I would definitely re-affiliate myself with E3cubes. At the time, they were the best, and they have definitely paved the way for others to step up their game. The only thing I can say negative about them is they need to really keep up with new and upcoming items such as the Cong's Design 3x3's The Yuxin 3x3 and 4x4, the YJ and Moyu cubes now starting to come in, the Gans 356 and 357, and so many countless others that I cannot keep track of. These new products would surely help in bring E3Cubestore to the Cubing Store that alot of older cubers know and love. Everything else is still up to par. In my Opinion, this cubing store would be rated a 78% out of 100 as of August 17th, 2015. Keep Up with the Good Work, Evan. ~Darren

My first experience with E3 was at a competition, when they were given a few days notice that they were wanted to vend. They delivered, in more ways than just selling cubes and puzzles. They made it to the competition. This made me realize E3 cared a lot about the cubing community and how they came across to the community. This made me try an order from them. I ordered on a weekend, and then on that Monday there was a snow storm. I expected a delay in shipping out at least a day. E3 still shipped out. And it arrived to me in 3 days. I was astounded. Talking to Evan, he cares a lot about the community and is always enthusiastic to talk to his customers. He loves hearing whatever you have to say, whether it's good things or ways to improve. The friendliness of the owner along with the dedication and overall quality will have me coming back for whatever I need. I give 10/10 and will be back for more!

- Jesse M.

Name: Thomas Kaunzinger

Location: Brick, NJ

Testimonial: Awesome service! Evan was easy to get a hold of, and all my questions were answered easily. I purchased my puzzle with free shipping and got here in TWO DAYS! That was honestly pretty amazing, and I would definitely recommend others to order from here. The prices are reasonable, the service is nice, and the shipping is fast. I have no complaints.

Thank you so much for all your help.

You have, by far, the best customer service out of every cube store I have ever purchased from (and a great cause).

Thanks again!

-Jazz (TheRICuber)


Hello, I have recently went around to different cubing websites to try to see who had the best shipping times and best customer service. I am absolutely disappointed in what I found..., who I have always ordered from in the past, took 3 times longer to get me my cube than you did. Your shipping is absolutely exquisite and I am so pleased with the service I have received from your website I have since signed up for your cube of the month subscription and I am putting some money away to snatch your membership service up. I am 100% pleased with I wish you nothing but more success in the future! Thank you ever so much!

-A pleased customer


I bought my first cube from E3 about 3 months ago. There were absolutely no hassles what so ever. The shipping was on time which made me extremely happy. I came home from school, opened my mailbox, and it was there. The cube was intact, the package wasn't damaged, and I got it at an outstanding price. The best part is, is that they lubed my black Dayan Zhan-Chi for me. And the lube job was excellent. Thanks E3, hoping to buy more from you soon.

-Jon Chastain (FiReSpectrumJ)


I've had a really good experience at E3cubestore, I have spent about $75 with one purchase in the past. This was only the 2nd cubing store that I have ever used but I can hardly tell they are definitely among the elite. They definitely know how to get a good selection of cubes, priced at a good price, and also they have good shipping fees. When I ordered my package I received it in 3 days the last day was just because of my campus mail so I will definitely give them the credit of saying they got it here in 2 days. There was even a mess up with my address and Evan was very nice and took the time to get the information, even with my friend kind of harassing him. I definitely love how personal experience with shopping at E3cubestore was, and cannot wait to make my next purchase. I do not know how long you really want this to be, I'll stop now and if you want more I can definitely give you more, but you can also go and check out my videos on my channel.
Thank you for your time


E3Cubestore has amazing customer service. Most stores have mean people to deal with and they just say "deal with it." But E3Cubestore sorts everything out with you. I made an order including the Dayan Panshi, but I emailed them to send them in 2 separate parcels. I am very happy that I have received my other cubes before getting the Panshi.
- InfiniteWasabi


My experience with E3Cubestore has been absolutely amazing. If you check out my channel, tehcubedude, you will see I have about 15 unboxings from them and that shows how much I love their site. They have a lot of puzzles, their website is easy to navigate, they respond quickly to e-mails. Their customer service is fantastic. If they send you the wrong puzzle, their is a big chance they will send you the correct puzzle free of charge. They interact with their subscribers on their YouTube channel and have loads of contests to give their subscribers lots of opportunities to win free stuff. The prices for all the puzzles are the lowest ones out there and if you see a lower price anywhere else, let them know through an e-mail or text, and they will most likely match or beat that price. The shipping rates for U.S. are fantastic and I have never been unsatisfied AT ALL when I order from them. Another reason I love them is that they have helped me with my contests by letting me get a coupon code. I HIGHLY recommend you purchase something from E3Cubestore and subscribe to their YouTube channel for unboxings and contests. I promise the first purchase you make from them will not be your last. If you want to hear more about what I think of their site, I have a video dedicated to that topic on my YouTube channel, tehcubedude, on the video "Viewer Cube Art #2 - E3Cubes".


I have multiple orders with E3cubestore and I would like to say it is a Fast, cheap, and great quality store. My favorite aspect of E3cubestore is the customer service. At nationals a bought from them and couldn't believe how well they new there products and how nice they were. Another time I wanted to buy a Smaz Dino Cylinder online that I remember seeing at nat's and i got a email back in less than a day. From other stores I either never got the email or they were rude about it. Once ordering from a Cali based store i bought a stickerless Zhanchi and I got another puzzle and they blamed it on me. I never had a problem like that from E3. E3cubestore gives you what you ordered fast and with great customer service. 
-Connor Albright (DodgerConnor1998)


Thank you so much. You don't know how much I appreciate this. You guys are so cool.

- Steve Kelly-


My experience with E3cubestore has been a spectacular one! I made my first order with E3cubestore the first week of July and i actually started talking to Evan about my order about 2 weeks prior to actually making the order and he worked and waited with me throughout the whole time which immediately showed me that they had great customer service. The puzzles i received from that order were excellent quality and this is what made me decide that i would order from them again!
I made another order probably about 3 weeks later and this one was the first pre-order that they made an announcement about and I had to wait about a month and a week for it and when I received the puzzles, the wait was so worth it. All of the puzzles came in wonderful shape and turned spectacular. And of course, I had to order again!!!! The next thing I ordered was my Dayan+Mf8 and Shengshou 4x4's which were absolutely fabulous! And about 2 days later I ordered my Shengshou 5x5 and this was once again an excellent puzzle. I currently have 2 puzzles on the way to my house and it will get here very soon and the shipping is what I will talk about next.
The shipping is amazing with E3cubestore! If I order it on Saturday I usually get the package around Monday or Tuesday and this is very, very fast shipping! I am extremely pleased with the shipping and I wouldn't choose any other store over E3cubestore. If you want great satisfaction from a cube store, then E3cubestore is the way to go!


About a month ago I was dying to but a 5x5x5 but I didn't have the patience to order one from a place across the country. When I found the Shengshou 5x5x5 on your site and found out you were in New York I couldn't resist buying it because it would only take about 2 days to get to PA. Thanks to E3cubestore I got a great cube for a amazing price in 2 days.


One drizzly Saturday I was searching the internet for some new cubes. I don't have that stable of a money source so I can't usually get cubes that I wan't. While I was meandering around I saw the sign "E3cubes". I had never heard of what that was. I clicked the link to a YouTube episode. I thought the tour was too good to be true. So many cubes for such a little price. I searched, I couldn't find any of those puzzles at a lower prices. I really don't know how they did it; the layout isn't great, but it is definitely made up for the prices and selection. I am very happy with this site and highly recommend it to others. 
-Zak M. (trex9966)

From our international customers:

I have so far placed one order from E3cubestore and I plan to make LOADS more in the future because of their great shipping, products and customer service.
I placed my order on the pre-order form which is very easy to use and navigate.
Less than an hour later I was speaking to E3cubes and I told them I had made an order, and I was surprised at how quick they were because they told me that they had already seen it and they told me the exact date of the pre-order, and when the cubes would be coming in and my shipping number. I received my cubes in about a week or less from when they were shipped which is incredible seeing as I am all the way over from the UK. So their international shipping is great and they are an all round great reliable store. I enjoy buying from there knowing that I can completely depend on them to give me great cubes at cheap prices with speedy shipping. Thanks E3cubestore!


E3cubestore is a great cubing store, my megaminx came internationally from the US to the UK in just 1 week, the fastest that I have ever received, not only this but the package was securely wrapped and the item came undamaged. I also found that the customer service was excellent, all emails were replied to within 24 hours with most being replied to within the hour.

This store has blown me away with its vast range of product, its customer service and the dedication from the owners by providing product reviews and regular updates.

I have subsequently ordered a helicopter dodecahedron, as the price was the cheapest on the internet, from the pre-order section. This is solely due to my previous positive experiences with E3cubestore. 

10/10 store, thanks for the great service you guys provide. 


- DEScuber


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