Research Shows that Rubik's Cubes Aid Greatly in Brain Development!

Playing Rubik’s cube can help to improve children’s memory, attention and thinking…

Every parent and teacher all hope children can make a great achievement in study. Teaching children ‘problem solving’ and thinking skills start from early childhood is crucial. The specialist suggested that children should receive thinking skills training began from the age of 3.

Today for the child’s education is not limited to books already, many parents let the children play puzzle toys to teach their thinking skills. The most popular of them is Rubik’s Cube.

Lucy about a famous research scientist points out that Rubik’s Cube can play an important role in forming a good way of thinking and thinking habits for children. First, the cube can exercise the child’s finger dexterity, hand and brain coordination in the process of achieving intellectual development of young children. Secondly, the cube can also develop children’s memory, in the process of restoring the cube, kids need to memorize a series of reduction formulas, restored several times, a linear memory will become a muscle memory. In his mind, every step of the reduction has become a subconscious action.

Lucy also introduced a child who’d played Rubik’s Cube during his childhood performance better at solid geometry and ‘problem solving’ than who’d never played. Because the things exposed to child at the stage of Formation of consciousness will have a profound impact on the future. And the Rubik’s cube can develop children ‘s attentiveness, children are often easily distracted by things, but child’s attention can be completely engaged in Rubik’s cube solving, this will helpful for children in the future development .

“Playing Rubik’s cube can help to improve children’s memory, attention and thinking, and parents can learn along with them”, Lucy adds.