Bulk Orders

We have a bulk order system for cubers to get reduced prices on puzzles.


Who is eligible?

Cubing Clubs

Cubing Groups
Individuals who wish to distribute our products
Individuals who have a history of large orders with us

What is the discount?

At this point, the available discount is 10% off orders above $250

How does it work?

If you think you are eligible for a bulk order, or if you represent a group that is eligible for bulk order sponsorships you can fill out the contact form located below in order to apply for bulk order privileges. If your request is approved, we will send you the coupon code in reply and you will be able to use the discount on all orders over $250.00 


Your order must have a minimum of 15 products. When you checkout, select the free economy shipping option. The other perk of bulk orders is that even though you select "economy" free shipping, we will ship your order priority mail (1-3 day delivery) at no extra cost.

As the bulk order is intended to sponsor groups of cubers, we appreciate any mention of our assistance on your website, blog, or any other venue.


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